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470 Chiswick High Road, London W4 5TT

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Really fresh, delicious sushi, not the cheapest but definitely a worthwhile addition to the quiet end of the Chiswick High Road.
pggibo, " " I enjoyed the ample seating room, tranquil setting and the lack of fried oil smell. The sushi and sashimi dishes I tried were delicious, and beautifully presented. I'll be going back to try some other things.
Louise Milionis, " " Just back - sublime - delicious - ate too much - gonna go back - was packed - you were right about the black cod Johanne, as good as Nobu - bravo Kisaku!
Madeleine Hazard, " " We love Kisaku. A great local japanese eatery. Service is always so friendly and calm. The food is the high point. Delicious, clean, fresh, never a let down. I can recommend the chicken terriyaki most ethusiastically as well as the sushi, which is freshly prepared by the owner/chef. abwriter, TripAdvisor
" Check out new Japanese restaurant Kisaku 470 the High Road, Chiswick. Excellent meal last night. Lovely food.
John Williams, " " Chiswick has been sorely lacking in good Japanese restaurants, the new kid on the block, Kisaku, fulfills that exact gap in the culinary market and they manage to rival some of the best Japanese spots in West London. With Japanese blood in my family my standards for Japanese food are high, but I was hopeful for Kisaku. Upon entering we were greeted with the traditional 'welcome' greeting, "Irasshaimase", and we were faced with soft lighting that bathed the restaurant in a golden glow of smiling faces. We'd only been there 10 seconds and already Kisaku had a big fat tick next to the list in my mind. We settled into our seats and were presented with beautifully ornate menus with an extensive offering of food. You will find three of four pages of sushi, all prepared by hand by the lone sushi chef at the back of the dining room, along with a selection of bento boxes, noodles and other hot dishes. I can honestly say that there wasn't a single element of the meal that we didn't enjoy. The Kani Karaage was crispy on the outside, fried to perfection and protecting the creamy innards that burst onto your tongue with each bite; the California Maki was plentiful, well filled and smothered in Tobiko, my favourite part. As for the Miso Black Cod, my God, it was simply divine, served with crispy shredded deep fried potato and asparagus. The flesh was juicy and sweet, practically melting away on your tongue. At the end of the meal, I was so stuffed that I could barely stand to put my coat on, wobbling precariously and food coma imminent. Warmed through and sleepy, we paid the bill and bundled up to head out into the cool evening. With their beautifully presented delicious food, excellent service and gorgeous venue, it was worth every penny. Chiswick has a new star in its midst, in the humble and unpretentious Kisaku.
Jackie Lee, Food Critic